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For sale: TVJ-SDPS
Digital cultural application
Product made in Italy - Copyright 2016 by Francesco Volpe - All rights reserved.
TVJ-SDPS means: Teacher's Valuation Job
School Data Processing System

Stage at home - Teach yourself - Help yourself

A self-placement doesn't find you a job, but it will introduce you to a Job-Training in a
Following the contents of the guide during the execution of the
you will have at the end of this application an
The purpose of this self-traineeship is to offer the contents directly to the interested people: End-Users from 11 years to the third age, and to society in general, with the information technology solutions adopted to the specific problems.
This introduction to the SDPS system has been prepared for the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2016.

The translation of the Run-Time System Guide has been revised by Carmen Bellosguardo.

To my father
Facts and Figures
This application includes:
* 84 files created by its author.
* 6 files created by Microfocus.
* The Data-Processing is carefully explained with many documents format JPG.
The guides to the Run-Tyme System contains all the dates to process.
More than 55 Italian cities are described and illustrated with more than 2800 photos.
These cities are well known for their archaelological character, landscape, history, architecture, and museum.
The TVJ-SDPS application has been created before the Millennium bug. It runs in DOS mode, and, in the Windows-Platform, by using the Command-Prompt Window.
Full-Screen mode: just press ALT+ENTER together to enter
Full -Screen in Windows XP.
Using Windows Vista and/or Windows seven, (32 bit), if you want to maximize the
Command-Prompt Window, take a look at the paper Greg Shultz released on
August 19, 2013.
But if the size of the monitor is 16/17-inch it's enough in order to follow the
Run-Time System.
The traineeship takes place in the Municipality of Barzio (province of Lecco, Italy) and thanks to all the pictures uploaded, you will think you have been there for two weeks.
To perform this traineeship your computer just needs Windows running.
First of all, go and install the information-system, and then go ahead with the data processing. You will follow the Item from the first registration to the last, when it goes out of the system, acquiring an OVERVIEW of the processing.
The above texts has been translated by Michael Mannoni (PhD):

Details in Chinese language.
Last update: 03.11.2016